How to make the most of your outdoor areas in Winter

February 19th, 2023

According to a study of their members conducted by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, 81% of respondents said there is a growing demand for homes with balconies or gardens.

This makes it abundantly evident that when getting your house ready to sell, your outdoor space shouldn’t be an afterthought. It frequently has the power to determine whether a sale occurs or not.

It is simple to make your garden seem its best in Spring and Summer, but that does not mean you should give up trying to make your garden appear lovely in Autumn and Winter. Your Winter garden may go from boring to gorgeous with a little bit of work.

Make sure your outdoor area is organised and spotless. Remove any weeds you find, trim the grass as needed, clear the paths of moss, and make sure your outdoor furniture is neat and tidy.

A few winter flowering plants and colourful pots can make your outdoor areas much more attractive.

Since we now spend more time socialising outside, thanks to the pandemic, it makes sense that many prospective buyers find outdoor entertaining spaces to be appealing when looking for a new home. If you don’t already have one, then creating one is simple. A gazebo is a great option for offering shade from the sun and rain, while a fire pit or chiminea can offer some much-needed warmth in the chilly months. 

If viewings take place late in the day when the light is beginning to fade, the addition of fairy lights can really help to show off your garden and make outside seating cosier. Blankets and waterproof cushions can also help.

Remember to clean and clear your sheds. They are a component of the property you are attempting to sell, so you should make an effort to keep them as clean and well-maintained as your home to increase the sale price.

Having wildlife visit our gardens is advantageous for both them and for us. Whilst food is scarce, birds are appreciative of any nuts and seeds we leave out for them, and in exchange, they provide us with a colourful display as they fly through our gardens, adding to the tranquillity and calmness that many potential purchasers find appealing.

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