Reflections- First Quarter of 2021

14 April 2021

Reflections – the first quarter of 2021

Reflections- First Quarter of 2021

Having started the business back in August 2020 I feel I must’ve been mad! What with the ongoing pandemic!  However on reflection it has been the best decision I ever made, to go it alone.

The first quarter of the year I have seen the property market here in Sheffield and Rotherham continue to boom with some outstanding results for my clients.

One of the success stories that spring to mind is that of a client in Worrall who came across me and my website, invited me to take a look at his property and the rest as they say is history.  I was super pleased to be instructed as his agent of choice and after a weekend of over 30 viewings, all of which were people who had already sold, or had nothing to sell ie. They were good to go, resulted in generating 12 offers on the property, which of course created a bidding war.

I feel it’s really tough out there for buyers at the moment as there really is such a lot of competition for one property.  My advice to buyers has been ‘if you like it, do something about it!’ as if you dwell on it then it may well have been sold.

For my client’s yes it’s been busy with viewings, however I always try and approach viewings to consider my vendor’s time and bulk them together wherever possible to avoid bitting and batting as it were.

I have had a number of cases complete too in this first quarter which has been really tough, some solicitor’s are amazing at communication which really does help, where as others are not, which of course creates unnecessary delays.  I cannot stress enough to ensure you pick the right solicitor as this part of the process is the stressful bit so if you have a solicitor that doesn’t communicate it becomes all the more stressful.  I’ve got a few cases like that at the moment.

I’ve also had some fabulous reviews this quarter which I absolutely love receiving!  They absolutely make my day and of course it’s nice to get some recognition of the job I try and do for both my buyers and my vendors.

The housing market in Sheffield and Rotherham continues to be buoyant with some excellent mortgage rates available as well as deposits back as low as 5% now too.  Long may this market continue into this next quarter!

Giving that personal one on one service for me means I make lots of new friends along the way.  Can’t wait to meet some more of you!

All the best

Linda x